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Fire Ant


Body Characteristics

Head, thorax, abdomen – three pairs of legs, pair of antennae copper brown head – darker abdomen
Worker ants are blackish to reddish
Vary in size 2mm to 6mm
Antennae has 10 segments with two segmented clubs


Create large mounds
Feed mostly on young plants, seeds and crickets
Fire Ants can attack small animals and kill them
Most ant bites feel like acid on wounds
Fire Ants bite to get grip and sting, then inject a toxic alkaloid venom called solenopsin (similar to a burn)
Fire Ant bites can be deadly to sensitive individuals
Fire Ants nest in soil near moist area’s such as river banks, ponds, lawns, under rocks, logs, timber, bricks
Fire Ant mounds can reach heights of 40cm and can be as deep as 5ft into soil
Fire Ants can reproduce in the thousands, with only one queen, but may have multiple queens per nest


Red Harvester Ant