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Bed Bugs

Facts about Bed Bugs

bed_bug_400x400Bed Bugs, known by their scientific name as “Cimex lectularius” are small parasitic insects that feed exclusively on warm blooded animals, including human beings. They are allusive and nocturnal, often found hiding in dark tucked away locations. Bed bugs have garnered a large amount of media attention in recent years due to their resurgence in the developed world. While the specific reasons why bed bugs have resurfaced remains unclear, resistance to pesticides, greater and more frequent travel to international destinations and the ease in which bed bugs can “stow away” and find new homes are largely thought to be key in the reasons why bed bugs have become more commonplace.

Lady Liberty Pest Control is your specialist in bed bug removal. Pesticides are one control option in eradicating bed bugs, however complete removal will often involve other non-chemical means as well.

bed_bug_lifecycleEgg:  1mm in size white and oblong shape, very difficult to locate.

1st Instar (stage): size varies from unfed to fully engorged 1.5 mm aprox.  light tan in color

Fact:   As Bed Bugs grow, they shed their old skins.  These shells may appear as a live Bed Bug.

2nd Instar: size varies approximately 2 mm

Fact:   The older a Bed Bug becomes, the darker their color appears, starting out as an off white during their unhatched egg stage to a dark brown during their adult stages.

3rd Instar:  Approximately 2.5 mm still light in color, but is beginning to display more adult characteristics.

4th Instar:   Approximately 3mm

Fact:  Bed Bugs sizes can vary between an unfed bug and a recently fed bug by almost 2 X

5th Instar:  Approximately 4.5 mm in size

Fact:  All stages of Bed Bugs feed on blood.  They commonly feed during the night, but if hungry enough, will come out to feed during the day.

Adult Bed Bug:  5.5 mm in size brown in color

Fact:  Bed Bugs feed about once a week.  An adult can last for 6-12 months before it needs to feed again.  If a Bed Bug’s food source were to disappear, they will most likely move to other rooms in search for a new food source, causing an even larger problem in the home or apartment.

Please note that we are proven experienced Bed Bug specialists. Contact us, or call 602-410-7056 today to schedule a free estimate!