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German Cockroach

german_cockroach_480x321We at Lady Liberty Pest Control take German Cockroaches serious. Identifying German Cockroaches is critical in helping us eliminate your problem.

Characteristics of a German Cockroach include adult average size ½ inch to 5/8 inch long, light to medium brown coloring with 2 dark distinctive stripes behind the head. Babys (nymphs) are wingless, smaller and darker in color, with a light stripe on their back. This small bug is most commonly found in homes, hotels, apartments and restaurants. There are several ways this insect can invade your residence; through personal belongings, boxes, lunch bags, etc. One small egg or German Cockroach can cause a very severe infestation in a matter of few months if not handled correctly.

The German Cockroach lives near food and water sources, but can be found anywhere in a home or business. They require moisture in order to thrive. They can be found in dark confined spaces and prefer equal pressure on all sides of their body. Crack and crevice areas are their main attraction, making it hard to find them and also treat. The German Cockroach is an insect that can become a nuisance very quickly, causing damage to your home or business through food contamination or transmittable diseases.

A few things they will look for in your home are sweets, starches, grease, glue, paper, tooth paste, dried skin, hair and plants. A Female German Cockroach produces up to 1 capsule per month with 25-45 eggs in each capsule. Females carry their egg capsule until baby’s (nymphs) are ready to hatch. Nymphs may start reproducing in as little as 30 days following birth. Adults can live up to 1 year, making them relentless and challenging to control.

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